Continental will Serve as a Design/Build Contractor for the complete project, work with your engineering team for the construction only or undertake parts of the project scope that we self perform including concrete foundations, pile driving, marine work, vertical slip form structures and machinery installations.

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Slip Form Superintendent
Title:Slip Form Superintendent
Location:Various Locations

Job Summary:
Coordinating construction activities on jobsite for vertical slip form structures.  Supervise field personnel as required.  Successfully complete construction projects safely, on schedule, and within budget while maintaining conformance to design drawings, specifications, and standards.
Essential Duties:
A. Scope Review
B. Manpower Requirements
C. Receiving and Storage
D. Inspection and Documentation
E. Safety Requirements
F. Equipment Maintenance
G. Assignments and Communication
A. Scope Review
1. The Slip Form Superintendent will be instructed by the Job Superintendent and other members that may include
the Project Manager and General Superintendent on the scope of work along with a review of the drawings and
specifications. Make sure you understand your work areas, drawing details and specifications associated with
your assignment.
2. Ensure that you understand the document control procedures that will be used for the project and how revisions
will be alerted and transmitted.
3. Become familiar with the progress schedule and particular attention should be paid to your work assignment
B. Manpower Requirements
1. Determine the crew sizes you will need for your work areas, availability of the workers and resources available for
manning the job.
2. Consult with your Superintendent on the forces needed and the procedures to be utilized for recruitment.
3. Be aware of wage rates, work schedules and overtime requirements.
4. Make sure your new hires have been drug tested and have the required safety training prior to beginning work.
C. Receiving and Storage
1. Slip Form Superintendents will receive, unload and store all Company and Owner furnished materials within our
scope of work.
2. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines on specialty items for storage and protection.
3. All packing and shipping tickets to be turned in to the jobsite office daily.
4. Shipping documents for Owner furnished items to be turned over to their site representative and documented as
5. A visual inspection will be perform on all inspection items to determine any damage, shortage or quality of the
6. Piece counts should be made where reasonable, and noted.
7. Before unloading any items, either Company or Client furnished, make sure a list, purchase order, etc. is reviewed
to confirm that we have received the proper products, quantity, etc.
D. Inspection and Documentation
1. The Slip Form Superintendent will be responsible for the quality and accuracy of the work assigned to him
regardless of whether there is a QC person on site directing the program.
2. Specific duties will be assigned by the Job Superintendent with the assistance of the QC Officer (if onsite), but the
day-to-day responsibility of quality should still be the primary duty of the Superintendents.
3. The Company Checklists will be followed and noted on all work normally performed by Continental. Checklists
for Excavation, Backfill, Piling, Concrete, Steel Erection and Millwright work are contained in the back of this manual.
4. Subcontractor work will be inspected in addition to their individual quality control program.
5. Contract drawings and specifications will be reviewed daily for conformance.
6. In addition to the contract documents and checklist requirements, a copy of CCC Construction Manual will be
part of the guidelines for review. This Document will be available on site and will be beneficial in inspection of our
work and especially helpful in Subcontractor performance. The checklists provided in this manual can be copied
and documented for Subcontractor work.
E. Safety Requirements
1. Safe working conditions for our personnel is a very important part of the total Quality Control Program and will be
enforced by all Supervisory personnel on the jobsite.
2. Continental’s program will not be duplicated in this manual, but conformance to requirements of this program as
well as OSHA will be a part of the Assistant Superintendent’s duties.
3. In addition to our programs, we may be working as a Subcontractor and governed by rules and regulations of
others that may differ from procedures in our guidelines. These issues should be discussed with our Supervisory
team and the Client to make sure we are in agreement on the rules we work under.
F. Equipment Maintenance
1. The daily safety checks and scheduled maintenance of tools and construction equipment utilized in the work
under the control of the Slip Form Superintendent shall be enforced and documented under their supervision.
2. Operators shall be certified for the equipment they are to operate.
3. Proper use of tools and safety equipment shall be verified before use by the employee.
4. Load charts, anti-two-blocks, matting, outrigger supports and rigging shall be examined and documented before
lifting is commenced.
5. Make sure hydraulic leaks are repaired and any spills are cleaned up properly.
G. Assignments & Communication
1. Your Job Supervisor will assign specific duties to you for implementation and supervision. Your foremen and key
personnel should be instructed by you as to the tasks to be completed and the means and methods to be
2. Always review the work areas shown on the drawings and specifications to be followed before work begins with
your foremen.
3. Review the testing requirements, submittal approvals, inspection service requirements, excavation plan and any
known hazards or obstructions that need attention. Make sure your foremen are aware of these procedures.
4. The documentation of your activities is your responsibility.
• Full-time position, benefits, hourly or salary pay.
• Knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials and supplies used in vertical slip form construction work.
• Must have experience in vertical slip form construction.
• Ability to read and comprehend design drawings.
• Ability to understand, follow and transmit written and oral instructions.
• Ability to use equipment and tools properly and safely.
• Ability to meet attendance schedule with dependability and consistency.
• Ability to travel and work overtime (may include nights and weekends).
• Must be at least 18 years of age, pass drug screen and background check.
Physical Requirements:
  1. Strength:                                  
  1. Standing 50%              Walking 25%        Sitting 25%
  2. Lifting - 50 LB               Carrying – 50 LB
  1. Motions:
  1. Occasional   
    1. Kneeling, Crawling, Climbing
  2. Frequent
    1. Balancing, Stooping, Crouching
  3. Constant
    1. Reaching, Handling, Fingering
Work Conditions:
• Construction site with mobile construction equipment. 
• Outside conditions that include inclement weather, heat, humidity and exposure to building materials and dust.
• Exposure to heights.

Continental Construction Company, Inc. is an EEO employer and will not discriminate based on race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.
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