Continental will Serve as a Design/Build Contractor for the complete project, work with your engineering team for the construction only or undertake parts of the project scope that we self perform including concrete foundations, pile driving, marine work, vertical slip form structures and machinery installations.

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Job Superintendent
Title:Job Superintendent
Location:Various Locations


Job Summary:
Coordinate all construction activities on jobsite.  Supervise all field personnel as required.  Successfully complete construction projects safely, on schedule, and within budget while maintaining conformance to design drawings, specifications, and standards.
Essential Duties:
A. Scope Review
B. Mobilization
C. Schedule
D. Quality Control Supervision
E. Labor Relations
F. Other Duties
A. Scope Review
1. Obtain drawings and specifications from the Project Manager for reviewing and familiarity with job. Make a list of
questions and comments on important issues to discuss in the preconstruction review meeting.
2. Attend the Company review meeting with the General Superintendent, Project Manager, Estimator and any other
attendees that may be requested. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure all members are familiar with the
scope of the work, schedule, management requirements and availability, specified procedures for record keeping
and other issues that need to be reviewed.
3. Once your onsite supervisory team has been assigned, schedule a meeting as soon as possible to review the job
with them and provide the information they need to carry out their duties.
B. Mobilization
1. Review company owned and 3rd party equipment rental requirements with the General Superintendent and make
arrangements for deployment.
2. Attend site visit for determining temporary site facilities, work area, obstructions, temporary roads, site rules and
3. Determine field office, tool storage, fab shops, toilet facilities and break room requirements. Make arrangements
for setup on site.
4. Review with the client representative work rules, dress code, smoking policies, safety information, holidays, etc.
C. Schedule
1. Review progress schedule and note areas that will be difficult to achieve, not feasible, need more discussion, etc.
2. Become aware of milestone dates, liquidated damages, critical path items and your participation in updates.
3. Review with the Project Manager the dates for subcontractors to be on site.
4. Work with Project Manager on schedule updates.
D. Quality Control Supervision
1. The Job Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operations of their project, meeting the guidelines of
quality assurance established by the contract documents, and goals established by Continental Construction
Company, Inc.
2. The Job Superintendent shall assign specific duties to his assistants as outlined in this manual.
3. If an onsite QC Manager is assigned to the project, the QCM will report directly to the Job Superintendent and will
supervise the QC Program. If a QCM is not required, the Job Superintendent will assume this duty and supervise
the program.
4. The Job Superintendent shall ensure that adequate records are kept on each phase of work and that the
checklists are documented for pile driving, excavation, concrete pours, steel erection, millwright work and
subcontractor work. Additional checklists may also be required depending on the project.
E. Labor Relations
1. The Job Superintendent will determine the type and number of personnel needed for his project and consult with
the General Superintendent on availability of full time company employees, available local workers and types of
recruiting to be utilized as the need arises.
2. The Job Superintendent will be responsible for harmony of his work force, establish work rules, break periods,
lunch times, overtime requirements, and procedures for employee work excuses for legitimate requests.
3. The Job Superintendent will determine hourly rates for new hires.
4. The Job Superintendent will enforce Company rules on drug policies, dress code, safety rules, dismissal policy
and conduct on site.
5. The Job Superintendent will enforce Equal Employment Laws established by Governmental Regulations and
Company Policy.
F. Other Duties
1. Direct the Field Engineer in establishing layout points, bench marks, property lines and accuracy checks.
2. Assign work areas and manpower.
3. Oversee all construction activities daily.
4. Consult with Project Managers on changes, drawing updates, schedules, cost accounting, RFI’s, purchase orders
and subcontracts.
5. Manage subcontractors work for quality, scheduling and conformance to contract documents.
6. Conduct meetings with supervisory team on work activities, Quality Control issues, job progress, and look ahead
7. Make sure construction equipment maintenance and inspections are being performed.
8. Consult with client representatives on issues and information requests.
9. Ensure that time sheets and payroll checks are accurate.
10. If field orders are issued for subcontract work, make sure insurance certificates are on fi le at the home office
before work starts.
11. Check all 3rd party rental equipment for inspection certificates, safety issues, and operating condition upon
arrival to the jobsite and before equipment is returned. Any problems should be noted and documented.
12. Obtain competitive prices on field purchased items.
13. Conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings.
14. Supervise the safety program if the site does not have a full time safety officer.
15. Attend scheduled safety meetings.
• Full-time position, benefits, hourly or salary pay.
• Knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials and supplies used in heavy construction work.
• Ability to read and comprehend design drawings.
• Ability to understand, follow and transmit written and oral instructions.
• Ability to use equipment and tools properly and safely.
• Ability to meet attendance schedule with dependability and consistency.
• Ability to travel and work overtime (may include nights and weekends).
• Must be at least 18 years of age, pass drug screen and background check.
Physical Requirements:
  1. Strength:                                  
  1. Standing 50%              Walking 25%        Sitting 25%
  2. Lifting - 50 LB               Carrying – 50 LB
  1. Motions:
  1. Occasional   
    1. Kneeling, Crawling, Climbing
  2. Frequent
    1. Balancing, Stooping, Crouching
  3. Constant
    1. Reaching, Handling, Fingering
Work Conditions:
• Construction site with mobile construction equipment. 
• Outside conditions that include inclement weather, heat, humidity and exposure to building materials and dust.
Continental Construction Company, Inc. is an EEO employer and will not discriminate based on race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.
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